ArrowTrack from Eclipse uses the latest state-of-the-art GPS and cellular technologies to do the following and more. You can REST EASY knowing that your vehicle is being monitored:


•    Tells you by text and e-mail, wherever you are, if your vehicle has been moved.
•    Finds your vehicle, just by clicking the “locate” button.
•    Tracks your vehicle location using GPS tracking.
•    Monitors the location of your vehicle 24/7 from any web browser.
•    Provides a report on the last 50 events of your vehicle.
•    Provides peace of mind.


•    Tells you when your battery is low or disconnected.
•    Has an internal back-up battery with its own low-battery alert.
•    Tells you when a pre-set maximum speed is exceeded (pre-sets are: 75 mph or 85 mph).
•    Enables you to set up an adjustable perimeter (GEOfence) around your vehicle.                                                                                                            The fence radius can be sized anywhere from ¼-mile to 500 miles.
•    GEOfence OUT alerts you if your vehicle moved out of the pre-set radius.
•    GEOfence IN alerts you if your vehicle moved in the pre-set radius.
•    Can be used to obtain driving instructions