• Tells you by text and e-mail, wherever you are, if your vehicle has been moved.
  • Finds your vehicle, typically in seconds, just by clicking the “locate” button.
  • Tracks your vehicle location using GPS tracking.
  • Monitors the location of your vehicle 24/7 from any web browser anywhere in the world.
  • Provides a daily report on the location of your vehicle.


Founded in 1984 by Steve Sbelgio, Eclipse Engineering is renowned for its work on custom built, award-winning specialty vehicles including street rods, customs, classics, trucks, race cars and other hi-tech vehicles that demand special attention.

Many of the vehicles to emerge from Eclipse have been featured in automotive publications throughout the world and have gone on to win awards around the country in major shows, races and events including the Grand National Roadster Show,

What is ArrowTrack from Eclipse?

It’s PEACE of MIND ArrowTrack from Eclipse is a simple-to-use, affordable tracking device that uses state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology. It allows you to locate and track your vehicle in real time and it alerts you by text and e-mail if your vehicle is moved. |It works on all kinds of vehicles from quads to race cars, even trucks and, it can even be used to monitor the movements of your children when they drive. It’s PEACE of MIND